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            Traditionally, human beings pass stories along orally – through the medium of spoken word.  We seem to societally neglect, however, that linguistic communication is but one of an infinite number of storytelling devices.  As many of our brains have been trained since our parents read us nightly bedtime stories to value the oral narrative above alternatives, the experience of the non-traditional narrative can be both challenging and elucidating for creator, performer, and audience member alike.  

            It is from this perspective that I create work.  

Furthermore, I value the unrivaled richness that is often born of layering multiple avenues of storytelling. Dance, as an art form, is particularly special in that it can act as a sort of glue, bonding multiple storytelling mediums together. In short, it plays well with others. It can flesh out the intricacies of music, increase both the physical and emotional dimensions of film, and embody the hidden, connotative layers of spoken word. Though each practice is fully capable of existing on its own, I’m of the mindset that they are better together.

I try to keep this in mind when I am creating. Though the medium of dance is where my expertise lies, I challenge myself to reach outside the boundaries of movement when it comes to making a finished product. I find outsourcing to sound design, lighting, props, film, and an array of other artistic vehicles, when done intentionally, does not upstage or obscure movement but rather, magnifies it, rendering it more accessible, more universal, more dimensional.

For me, dance theater is a megaphone for my conglomerate artistic voice.  Instead of telling you how I feel, I’ll show you – give you the materials and respect your right to decide for yourself what it all means, if anything at all.  I find that fascinating – the way dance illuminates how differently we absorb and interpret stimuli.  I will never tire of exploring the many ways in which I can challenge myself and the viewer watch more closely, listen more intently, feel more sensitively, and think more critically… or just enjoy the ride.  

Art is for everyone.  Let’s experience more of it.